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Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Our line of services includes keeping your home or business cool and warm during the times you need it most, as well as maintaining your equipment for a lifetime. It is also our goal that you maintain efficiency and use the best quality products available.

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Products & Offerings

Below are just some of the more common product offerings at Ace and A. Visit our service pages for more information.

Air Conditioner Installations

If you need a new unit, we can provide you with options, an estimate, warranty information, maintenance plan agreement information (if you want), and installation time frame to help you make the right choice.


There are thousands of thermostats to choose from for your system. Based on the features you want, when can help you pick the right brand and model for you. We can provide an estimate, warranty information, and perform the installation for you.


Whole house humidifiers will add moisture to the air into your home, which can improve your family’s health, your homes health and save on energy costs. It is important to understand what humidity does for your home and how it affects your health. Let us help you.

Furnace Installations

As with AC installations, if you need a new furnace we will work with you to pick one at an affordable price. We offer high-efficiency furnaces that will keep warm and toasty in the winter months. As always we will provide an upfront estimate with warranty information and installation time.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump is an alternative to your typical HVAC installations. These are energy-efficient devices that move heat from outside into your home or business and vice versa. In other words, it moves heat from cool locations to the warmer locations; therefore, it keeps the cool space cool and the warm space warm. Air-source heat pumps are the most common.

High-Efficiency Air Filtration

Air filters are highly important to protect you, your family and everything else inside your home or business. The air quality is protected from dust, debris, and contaminants. We offer highly efficient air filtration systems to ensure you stay safe and healthy.

Providing Quality HVAC Services Since 1975