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Outstanding Heating Repair for Atlanta, GA Homeowners

At Ace & A Heating and Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves on our ability to determine what is best for our customers. Sometimes, that means replacing a heating unit – but not always. When all you need is heating repairs, our certified technicians will restore your unit to fine working order. Our team has years of experience. We work hard to ensure our customers are happy and comfortable within their homes. If your heat is off and won’t turn on again, don’t worry; we’re on the job.

Heating Repair Services

We Offer Comprehensive Repairs to Our Customers

Sometimes, all that is needed is a repair because not all heating problems require full-scale replacement services. Younger units still have a lot of life in them, so it is worth investing in the necessary repairs. But we understand it is difficult for many homeowners to judge when it is time to call us. It is even more challenging to know whether they need a new unit or a repair. We can help determine whether a repair is appropriate, and you can look out for the following warning signs of heating problems:


One of the ways we tell whether you require repairs or a replacement is by your system's age. Most furnaces last somewhere between 15 and 20 years, assuming they are properly maintained. Once the furnace reaches that age, it might not be worth repairing. However, we can repair a younger furnace.

Cold Air

It might seem obvious, but sometimes homeowners underestimate this warning sign and assume it will resolve itself. Cold air is a warning sign of imminent furnace failure, so you should never ignore it. Get the jump on the situation by calling us before the heater goes out in the middle of the night.

Strange Noises

HVAC systems will always produce noise as they cycle on and run. However, they should not make banging, whirring, popping, or squeaking noises. These sounds can indicate numerous problems, all of which we can solve by troubleshooting. If your furnace is making unusual sounds, do not wait to contact us.

Avoid Repairs; Call Us for Yearly Maintenance

Ace & A Heating and Air Conditioning can resolve any heating issue that pops up, so you can feel confident calling us for repairs. You can do your part by maintaining your system. One of the best ways to avoid repairs is by hiring us to perform maintenance once a year, before the cold season. During the maintenance visit, we can root out potential problems before they require a call.

Providing Quality HVAC Services Since 1975