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Heating Maintenance: A Crucial Component of Heater Ownership

Ace & A Heating and Air Conditioning wants you to understand the importance of getting heating maintenance for your Atlanta, GA home. It is imperative to receive professional heating maintenance at the tail-end of summer or during the early fall months. Think of your heater as a car. You wouldn’t drive your car, truck, or SUV for a year without getting an oil change, would you? HVAC systems are no different. Most furnaces will last between 15 to 20 years, but only if you keep them in good shape. Investing in yearly maintenance is the best way to ensure longevity.


What We Do During a Maintenance Call

During a maintenance call, we will check all your heating system components to ensure it is ready to handle the challenges the winter weather will pose. Given how important they are, we will never cut corners during the process. You can expect us to:

Replace the Air Filter

If your system requires a 1" filter we recommend replacing it at least 4 times per year. If your system requires a 4" or 5" high efficiency filter we recommend replacing it once a year. If you have any questions, give us a call. This task is essential because it impacts every other facet of the HVAC system.

Check the Thermostat

We make sure it is calibrated correctly and maintaining indoor temperatures accurately. If it is out of alignment, then our technician will recalibrate the thermostat for you.

Inspect the Connections

Next, we look over all connections and tighten them. Rattling noises often come from loosely connected elements, so this is a crucial step.

Check the Condensate Drain

Plugged condensate drains in heaters can cause numerous problems, including systematic damage and high humidity within the house. During a maintenance call, our technician will check the drain to ensure there are no clogs.

Exhaustive Maintenance Calls; Guaranteed Results

In addition to the above four steps, our team will also inspect the system controls to ensure they work properly and are safe for use. After doing so, we let you know the results of our inspection. Sometimes, we recommend repairs. If we do, we will be honest and forthright about the costs and the necessity of the repairs.

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